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Peripera Duo Pocket Glitter Shadow

Peripera Duo Pocket Glitter Shadow

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What it is:

Duo shadow packed features the clearest glitter made of sparkling light fragments. You’ll look so pretty that you’ll want to wear it all the time!

  • Softly glowing shimmer full of clear and dense sparkles
  • PEARL-formance improves the halo effect of eye makeup that used to look boring 
  • Practical pearl combination that can be used easily anytime, anywhere

#01 Caramelized Salt: Glow champagne series that is suited for any look and skin tone
#02 Seashell Crumble: Coolish white series with bright and clear colors
#03 Salted Sugarplum: Sparkling pink series with noticeable points

How to use:

Apply only the shimmer or glitter texture on the desired area with a finger or brush.
*Create a pearl tone to other areas of the body in addition to face such as along the collarbone, neck, cheek bones, and fingers.

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