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'For You' Mask Set

'For You' Mask Set

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Skin Concern

A set of 5 different sheet masks will be curated specifically for your skin concerns. They will be handpicked from our large skincare collection.

Perfect for those wanting to try new sheet masks from different brands at an affordable price!

Newly added is our Combo Set *Clean Version*, which means only masks that are vegan and cruelty-free with naturally sourced ingredients are included in the set.

TIP: If you're not sure which set you'd like or what your skin concern is, the Combo set will include 1 of each mask type.

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Customer Reviews

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Jady Rodriguez

'For You' Mask Set


I have combination skin but can sometimes have pretty harsh reactions to new skincare so, I went with the sensitive bundle of face masks. Each one given is lovely and I will definitely be getting the combo set! While I've only used a few of the face masks, each one was awesome and soothed/moisturized my face really nicely!!


The masks calmed my skin ALOT and I have 0 pimple just a little inflammation! But the thing I received the peach anti blemishe sheet mask and it had fragance!!! I had stated in the description that i am deeply allergic to fragance!!! It broke me out so bad on my cheeksi had like 7 on each cheek 😞 it took about a week to get rid of them!! I just have inflammation and a few pimples left on my cheek(I've never broken out on my cheek just my forehead) the calming sheet mask helped lower them down so ig it's okay! Next time I'll make sure to read the ingredients before lol.