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Klean Skin

Asian Beauty Lucky Scoop

Asian Beauty Lucky Scoop

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What it is:

Lucky scoops are a fun way to experience a huge assortment of amazing high quality products for a better deal.

Klean Skin's exclusive scoops are guaranteed authentic beauty items from South Korea, Japan and Mainland China, including best-selling skincare and makeup products. 

You can multiple the fun and increase your chances of scooping higher value items by ordering more scoops. So, how lucky are you? 

Best of luck!


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Customer Reviews

Based on 17 reviews

They are the best ❤️

Lorraine Leer
Great products!!

I love the idea of mystery scoops so I can try a handful of products at once! I did two mystery scoops and got so many products! Definitely worth your money!

Best variety of products!

Such a fun way to try a new products!! The things I got in my skincare + makeup lucky scoop were well worth over the price I bought it for. Most of the products were very trendy and from popular brands, I loved everything!

Dianaily R
Great variety!

I ordered an Asian Beauty Lucky Scoop and was pleasantly surprised to receive different types of products. I received products for eyes, lips, and cheeks, and was able to create a new makeup look with only this package. Delivery was also quick. I would definitely buy again!


I enjoyed everything I got! I think the shades are absolutely beautiful and I love the eyebrow pencil. I only have a few concerns because it seems that some of the products are from Aliexpress so the ingredients aren’t listed. I also didn’t receive any free samples as stated on the website, but it’s just nit picky. You definitely get what you pay for, there’s a LOT of products you receive.