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Innisfree Squeeze Energy Mask

Innisfree Squeeze Energy Mask

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What it is:

This Squeeze Energy collection was very recently released in March 2022 and is an upgrade from the My Real Squeeze Mask EX collection.

A vegan sheet mask that contains the freshness of raw materials through a cold brew squeeze method, extracted with care at low temperature (4 degrees) for a long time.
From light and refreshing to highly moisturizing type, you can choose to use it according to your skin condition of the day. 


Vegan and cruelty-free. Skin irritation tested and approved.

Aloe - Provides soothing and moisturizing effects to make the skin lively.
Green Tea - Moisturizes dry skin and makes it clear and bright.
Pomegranate - Revitalize and make the skin lively and firm.
Manuka Honey - Shea butter and Manuka honey extract to deliver rich nutrients to the skin.
Rose - Hydrate the skin and make the skin texture soft and smooth.
Acai Berry - Acai berry extract makes the skin shiny and firm.
Centella - Rich in soothing properties to soothes dry and irritated skin with moisture.
Heartleaf - Eoseongcho extract with calming effect for rough skin due to lack of moisture.
Yuzu - Citron extract rich in vitamins, giving radiance to dry skin and brightening dark spots.
Kombucha - Kombucha fermented extract makes dull skin bright.

How to use:

Attach the product on the skin and remove it after 10~20 minutes. Then gently pat in the remaining product.

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