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&honey Scalp Volume Treatment 2.0

&honey Scalp Volume Treatment 2.0

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What it is:

&honey scalp series focuses on promoting scalp wellness, which helps prevent thinning hair and hair loss since it has been increasingly observed in younger generation. &honey's high hydration rate of 14% repair and protect the hair and scalp.

Suitable for those who have thin, hair loss problems. Including pregnant women.

Scalp-loving ingredients:

  1. Red Ginger Extract from Shitoman river in Kochi Prefecture, Japan is more effective than ordinary ginger phenol. The 6-Tumeric phenol R in the Red Ginger promotes blood circulation, has anti-ageing and anti-oxidant properties.
  2. Liquid Gold Raw Bee King Pulp from Akita Prefecture, Japan, is used under unheated conditions to maintain the nutrition and purity of the bee king pulp. And it is rich in Inositol, which enhances blood circulation and promotes hair growth.
  3. Japanese swertia extract improves the enzyme system of skin cells and promote healthy hair growth cycle
  4. Loquat leaf extract, Origanum Majorana Leaf extract, Red clover flower relaxes and softens the scalp, prevent grease and promote healthy hair growth

PH balanced
Fragrance of bell orchid orange flower

Top: Grapefruit, bitter orange leaves
Middle: Jasmine, orange oil, bell orchids
Last: Sandalwood, wood, amber

Size 440ml

How to use:

Evenly apply to freshly shampooed hair from mids to ends.
Leave it on for 3-5 minutes.
Rinse well.

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